What To Expect


Matt believes singing should always be an effortless and enjoyable process. You will be taught how to:


  • Eliminate tension

  • Balance the voice across registers (making it easy to transition between singing high and low)

  • Build a strong, balanced and flexible sound


The first session will be focused on assessing the current state of your voice, your prior experience, your desired outcomes, and your ideal mode of work (session frequency, how much practice are you prepared to do, what sort of commitment are you looking for, etc.). There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but it is helpful to know these things in advance! You will also be shown some exercises to take home straight away, and you will be asked to choose some songs to work on in the future.


During regular sessions, usually the first half of the sesion will be focused on improving vocal technique through a range of specific and targeted exercises, and the other half on working on your song of choice - addressing style, groove, rhythm, and interpretation. Within this framework, the format of the sessions will be adapted to suit your specific needs.


It is important to remember that learning to sing is mainly about unlearning habits which restrict our access to a clear, strong and resonant tone which we are all born with. Some habits are easier to change than others, but it takes a certain amount of time, repetition and reinforcement in order to replace old habits with new ones. It is likely that you will experience what it feels like to sing more freely straight away; however, for a lasting and consistent effect, you will need some regular practice. Having said that, if you are motivated to develop, there are hardly any limitations to how good you can become!